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How To Become Slim in 7 Days Naturally without Exercise at Home

How To Become Slim in 7 Days without Exercise

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  • January 31, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to look slim? In less than 7 days? Is it a wedding that you have to attend or a vacation you want to go? And you only realised that you have to fit into your dresses that you intentionally got in a smaller size? Yes, it is possible! It doesn’t need much work, other than a strong dedication and a few things to get you on your way to looking fabulous. The trick is a simple. Its a few steps that you got to follow and you’re on your way, looking slim, smart and fabulous. Even if you 4 days or 6 days, you can use these tips and tricks to look slimmer and fitter and make some essential changes in your life.

In the paragraphs below I have written down the DO’s and Don’ts on how to become slim. These tips and tricks will give you rundown on how become slim in 7 days. It will also answer your query on how to become slim without exercise. There are suggestions on how to become slim naturally home remedies. This article also contains on things to do on how to become slim and fair. It contains so many beneficial tips on how to become slim naturally and how to become slim fast. It also gives you multiple advices on how to become slim at home. So, take a look at the following do’s and don’ts and take the path to becoming slimmer.

If you want to lose weight and become slim, counting calories is a waste of time. You only need to concentrate on a few critical things, follow the Do’s and Don’ts and you’re on the path to the slim mountain.

DO’S How To Become Slim

1. Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential.
Most of the time, when you’re feeling extremely hungry, your body is actually thirsty.
The doctors suggest drinking 2 litres of water in a day. And if you’re trying to lose weight, we suggest drinking more than 2 litres.
Drinking lots of water temporarily increases metabolism by 24-30%
Drinking warm helps even more as it prevents from having constipation.
It also decreases the chances of having kidney stones.

2. Take more fibre

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre in a diet.
If you consume fibrous food, it gives an illusion of a ‘full’ stomach.
Starting your meal with fruits or having fruits in between every meal keeps you full and hydrated.
Oats, muesli and wheat flakes are a great source of fibre and having them with fruits is a great combination. The water intake in the fruits helps with the digestion.

3. Take healthy fats

Not all fats are bad for your body.
Healthy fats like nuts, avocado, fish oils are a great source of nourishment and energy.
Healthy Fats keep the cell membrane healthy and reduce inflammation.
Consuming healthy fats like almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, olive oil, fish oil, walnuts, pecan nuts, hazel nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seed oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, clarified butter (ghee) keep heart diseases, blood sugar at bay and help in losing weight as there are less calories involved and the digestion is easy.
It is considered best to have the nuts in the morning so you can burn the fat during the day.

4. Manage the salt ingestion

It is very significant to keep a check on the salt intake in your daily life.
It also tells us that we should avoid having a lot of the foods that we are very fond of.
Having foods like pakodas, chips and the likes lead to increase in the sodium content, lead to the chances of water retention.
So it’s best to have less of the salty food or we should consider switching to rock salt altogether.

5. Eat at home

Eating at home isn’t considered very hip anymore. People prefer going out to eat.
Eating out from restaurants and fast food chains are the biggest reasons for the ever-growing obesity. Fast foods like burgers, pizzas, tacos, pastas etc. are unhealthy. Processed foods and frying the content is not a god method if you’re considering slimming down.
So, to become slim in less than 7 days, we must prefer food at home because we are aware of what’s going in the food and what our likes and dislikes are.
Whilst cooking at home, we should grill and steam the food rather than frying.

6. Walk after the meals

Walking after your meals should be a must in everyone’s life.
If you’re not cut out for exercising or running, then taking up walking is a good option.
Walking not only freshens you up but it also makes it easier to digest the food that you’ve consumed and burns the calories.
Researchers claim that taking a stroll post meal, clear the glucose from the bloodstream and improve the blood sugar levels.

7. Eat more often

Eating frequently is the first advice a dietician will give you to become slim and lose weight.
Eating every 2-3 hours is essential to lose weight.
It gives a feeling of a full stomach and regulates the digestive system.
Eating regularly activates the metabolism.
This helps the body to utilize the calories as energy, thus helping in becoming slim.
It is suggested that you should have 5-6 meals around the day.
In order to become slim in less than 7 days, lunch and dinner should be kept light.
Mid meal snacks should contains fruits and veggies like celery, baby carrots, oranges, nuts, fresh fruit juices, yogurt etc.

8. Stress management

The main reason for women to gain weight is stress. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which hinders the making of insulin.
This makes the blood sugar level in your body drop, which produces cravings.
You will start craving for sugary and cheesy foods instead of healthy foods.
So try to relax and De-stress habitually.
Find activities that help you deal with stress and take them up to unwind and relax, which eventually stop producing cortisol and your body will will start losing weight.
Activities such as reading a book, meditating, listening to music, going out etc are a good way to kill off stress.
Losing weight becomes even easier when your mind isn’t stressed.
You should consult a therapist if you’re facing trouble in managing your stress levels, which may become a hurdle in your journey to become slim.

9. Sleep

Studies suggest that if you don’t sleep properly, your body stops itself from rejuvenating itself, which results in the body eating unhealthily and gaining weight.
Oversleeping also slows down the metabolism.
So finding a balance in sleep is essential for the body to slim down.

10. Consume more fruits

Fruits are rich in nutrients and produce less in calories.
Fruits are a great source of fibre which helps in keeping the body full and prevents the body from incessant eating.

11. Run

Undertaking cardio exercise like running, sprinting, swimming, biking etc.
A Cardio exercise raises the heart rate up and burns the calories faster than any other exercise.
To become slim naturally in less than a week, cardio is the best option out there as it produces sweat a lot faster.
Running is considered exceptionally great for becoming slim as your whole body is dedicated to shedding its weight.

12. Restrict calories

You should refrain from having any food that has a high calorific value.
Junk foods should be refrained from consumption whilst you’re slimming down.
Foods with high levels of carbohydrates in it, you should quit while you’re losing weight.

13. Exercising

Doing a set of push ups, lunges and crunches will every day will tone the muscles and make you look slimmer by the end of the week.
If you feel like strengthening the upper body, then you should consider adding more push ups into the routine.
Push ups strengthen the upper arms, shoulders and tone them up.
If you want to strengthen your lower body, you should add crunches, squats and lunges into the routine as these exercises will firm up the hips, butt and legs.

14. Alter how you eat

Eating your food fast tends to cause bloating because while eating fast, you take in air too.
When you’re eating at a fast pace, you tend to consume more food than needed.
So, to become slim fast, we should eat slowly and savour the food which helps in keeping the metabolism active and you won’t have to overeat too.

15. Add lean proteins in your diet

To become slim at home, lean proteins should be included in your diet.
Lean proteins are essential build a lean muscle mass and toned muscles.
Proteins that are lean such as sprouts, eggs, nuts, fish, chicken breast, mushrooms, lentils, black-eyed peas, mung beans and kidney beans are an amazing source of protein which are vital for becoming slim.

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Don’ts How To Become Slim

1. White grains and dairy products

By removing the foods that cause bloating, you will become slim in no time.
Carbohydrates rich foods cause bloating which settles mostly around the stomach.
If you are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies, you should consider switching to dairy substitutes which prevents the body from excessively bloating.
If you don’t have any of these aforementioned symptoms then dairy can be beneficial in becoming slimmer.

2. Eliminate soda and fizzy beverages

Another way to become slim naturally is to remove soda and fizzy drinks from your diet.
Fizzy drinks even diet ones; contain a large amount of sodium which contributes to bloating.
So, every time you feel like having something to drink, you should opt for an unsweetened tea or green coffee.

3. Remove processed food for your diet

Refined or processed foods are stripped of their nutrients, so we shouldn’t be having anything that no nutrients.
Processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrients.
Canned foods, pre made foods, frozen foods, cakes, pastries, crackers and chips having high quantity of salt and sugar should be refrained from, in order to have a slimmer body.

4. Omit desserts and sweets

Quit having desserts and sweets as they contain high amounts of sugar which are harder to digest and are also in nutrients.
Not only sweets have the extra sugar, they also contribute a lot to bloating.
Stay away from places that induce your cravings for something sweet such as your favourite bakery, the sweets aisle at the departmental store or the candy shop.
If you are craving for something, take up dark chocolate as it is good for your health and does not fatten you up.

5. Avoid skipping meals

Starving yourself isn’t going to slim you down. Moreover, it will make the body weaker.
The worst to thing to do to your body is skipping your much needed meals, so skipping is never the right solution for slimming down.
A balanced diet is what you need to slim down.

6. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcohol has high amounts of sugars that take time to break down in the body if there’s not an immediate need for energy.
If you’re trying to slim down, then it would be better if you consumed alcohol in limits.
Smoking causes toxic accumulation which prevents fat mobilization.
Smoking also causes cancer, skin problems and constipation.

Taking a plunge to become slim in less than 7 days is a hard task but it gives a hope of change that will give you a new lifestyle which will help you in leading a happier and healthier life. It will make you more active and make your brain more productive. Taking supplements is also a good alternative if you want to slim down in a short amount of time. Moringa is a super food with no fillers and binders. It is a perfect solution to lead a happy, healthy and disease-free life. It keeps you healthy, kills the toxins that accumulate and damage the body. Moringa contains nutrients that are rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids. Orange Nutritions are the best platform to acquire your lifetime dose of their bestselling MORINGA HERBOMIX CAPSULES.

Another alternative is ORANGE NUTRITIONS’ Green Coffee. Green coffee is known for its endless list of benefits. Chlorogenic acid is found in the green coffee powder which is well known as an agent for natural weight loss. It has an active formula that helps in burning the stubborn fat from the body. Green Coffee also improves the functioning of body’s fat burning hormone, Adiponectin. It has grape seed extract which control the fat contents from depositing. It works as a great energy booster and improves metabolism which aids in weight loss. Apart from its weight loss benefits, it’s also helpful in reducing high blood pressure, maintains sugar and cholesterol levels, enhances immunity, and keeps mind and body active and many more.

The Moringa Herbomix Capsules and The Green Coffee is your perfect solution to lose weight and lead a happy, disease-free life.

As you have taken a look at the aforementioned points on how to become slim in 7 days, how to become slim at home. We hope that we were able to answer your questions on how to become slim in a month and how to become slim and fair. We also incorporated a few tips on how to become slim naturally home remedies and we have also mentioned a few points on how to become slim with exercise. There are various tips for you on how to become slim fast and how to become slim naturally. There are amazing tips for people on how to become slim in a week.

If you have read the points mentioned and applied all these suggestions in your life to become slim and healthy and if you have seen a change in your health and lifestyle, then please do leave us your feedback and tell us how we were of any help for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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